Foreigners wishing to apply for temporary or permanent residency in the Dominican Republic must go through the administrative process as established by the Immigration Office, in accordance with General Immigration Law No. 285-04 and the President Decree Regulations No.631-11. The process starts with a VISA (in various categories) issued by a Dominican Consulate in the foreigner applicant’s home country. To obtain the VISA the applicant shall prepare a file with personal documents and demonstrate that he possess the means to live in Dominican Republic.

Act of Recognition of ASOMIGRA to the Director of Migration


The Association of Lawyers Specialist in Migration Issues (ASOMIGRA) granted recognition to the Director General of Migration, José Ricardo Taveras Blanco, for the work he has developed at the head of the institution, achieving its modernization, making processes more technical, training staff and improving the physical plant, as well as its effort in favor of a real transparency. The entity that groups together the lawyers who perform work in that agency, express that they would be unjust if they did not recognize the efforts that the current management has made to modernize the institution. The vice president of the entity, Patricia de la Rosa, highlighted that with the implementation of the Regulation for the application of Law 285-04, the procedures for a foreigner to remain in the country were substantially modified. In principle, doubts arose, the lawyers have realized how much progress has been made and the authorities are determined to face the problems that may arise. He valued as positive the meetings they held with the migration authorities, which in the end have yielded beneficial results for all. Upon receiving the recognition, the Director General of Migration said that he was always confident that one day they would understand him, although he acknowledged that in principle the task was not easy. for his positive work at the head of Migration and promised to continue working so that the institution definitely occupies the place that it really deserves, which is to protect the Dominican nation.